The CoolSculpting® from ZELTIQ , also called Cryolipolysis ( is a non-surgical method to reduce localized fat deposits of the body, mainly in the abdomen, love handles, back and gluteal region  ( banana roll ), inner arms and thighs. The technique was invented in 2008 by Dieter Manstein and Rox Anderson of Harvard University . It is a non-surgical treatment, completely non-invasive and painless. Cryolipolysis only destroys fat cells, because they are more sensitive to cold than other cells in the body. These fat cells destroyed by freezing are very gradually re absorbed and finally disappear.

The best results are obtained with non-obese patients who have a stable weight and a healthy diet, but have stubborn fat pockets. Cryolipolysis allows final illimination of  localized fat cells , provided that the weight of the person being treated is stable after treatment. Two months after a session,  we observe that there is a reduction in the thickness of the fat. The loss of centimeters adds up after each session . The CoolSculpting® device ensures a homogeneous melting of fat. On average , depending on the size of the treated areas , 1-3 treatments are necessary. We can treat more than one area per session. The results are assessed after 2-3 months. The procedure takes one hour per zone. A cosmetic consultation (free for this purpose only with Dr. Adatto) is mandatory before starting a treatment with Coolsculpting .

Immediately after Cryolipolysis, localised redness and bruises are normal. In 3 to 5 days after the procedure, a slightly painful swelling can happen.   Also a temporary slight loss of sensation as well as a hardening can be felt for a few weeks. These side effects always disappear, are not systematic and vary from one patient to another.