Tips for dry and irritated hands
(Eczema of the hands)
• Washing hands
Use warm water and a surgras soap then rinse very carefully. While the skin is still damp, apply neutral cream which has been prescribed for you.

• Work in water (dishes, laundry, cleaning)
Use gloves (rubber or polyvinyl with cotton gloves inside them). Do not use them for more than 30 minutes at a time. If water seeps inside, then change them immediately. Always have reserve gloves at your disposal.

• Other work with irritating products also require the same precautions.
Cleaning of floors, glass, furniture, metals, cars, solvents, benzine, turpentine, dyes and hair lotions and kitchen (do not peel or squeeze oranges or lemons with your bare hands -same precautions for tomatoes, potatoes, garlic etc).

• Leather or 'thick'gloves
Dry work for example in the garden.
-Dirty your gloves, not your hands!
-Wash your gloves as often as necessary.

• Other recommendations
- Wear gloves in the cold weather.
-Do not wear rings while in contact with irritating products such as soap, detergents, etc.

• Duration
The resistance of the skin is decreased for several months after the healing of eczema, therefore it is advisable to follow these instructions for a minimum of 4 months afterwards. There is no quick fix for eczema. Your skin needs time to recuperate.

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